Made For You Range

The Made For You Range is for when you want that something which is made just for you.  The Pearl and Bead Company want to work with you and create the perfect piece of jewellery that you will love and cherish for a long time. I have worked with many people in the UK that just want that something you can't find on the high street. The Pearl and Bead Company prides itself on only ever making a maximum of five of anyone design. The likelihood is that most of our designs are one offs and once that design has gone it has gone forever.

If I can adapt some of our existing designs, I will.  The Pearl and Bead Company very much want to work with you to create a piece of jewellery that is just that right colour and the right length.  We are here to help you every step of the way.

The website is just a glimpse into some of the pieces that we design on a pre-order basis. The gem stones we use are exceptional quality and take time to be delivered, therefore we ask you to give us a minimum fourteen days to create your little bit of special.

Jewellery Design Service and Manufacture

Here at the Pearl and Bead Company. a UK based company,  we are passionate about jewellery from the inception to the end article and we work with very highly trained craftsman who will make your dream come true.

Let the Pearl and Bead Company introduce you to highly skilled and reputable goldsmiths that will work with you to create a masterpiece. Below are some pictures of the stages we go through in order to get you to an extraordinarily beautiful, striking and innovative piece of jewellery. This item of jewellery was our own design and took a considerable amount of time to finally get to the finished piece. This piece is a 3.31ct  Burma Ruby set with perfect pear shaped diamonds to create the illusion of a flower.