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Heavy Stirling Silver Byzantine Chain Necklace

Made from Sterling Silver

Exquisitely forming a classic, much-adored design, this sterling silver byzantine chain is a real showstopper. The intricate patterning of this 5.0mm-wide  but 1.5mm thick, so the necklace is elegantly interwoven with numerous round links that move independently yet seamlessly fall into place. Boasting a robust cabinet clasp, this magnificent byzantine necklace is crafted exclusively by the Pearl and Bead Company.

This necklace weighs over 86 grammes and measures 15inch in length. This necklace does come in different lengths so if you would like a longer one please contact us and we will do our best to create your ideal necklace. All our necklaces are made using recycled silver as sustainability is a key focus for the Pearl and Bead Co.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver, with an additional 7.5% alloy - usually copper and zinc. This gives the metal far greater strength than pure silver, making it more suitable for items such as fine jewellery.

All our jewellery comes gift boxed.


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More About Heavy Stirling Silver Byzantine Chain Necklace


A byzantine chain is a piece of jewellery that has definitely earned the title of king among necklaces due to its refined workmanship and high-quality materials. It is hard to imagine the music scene without the massive byzantine chain, because rappers and musicians are absolute fans of this type of chain. The fascinating look of the byzantine chain is achieved through a special composition of the chain links. This chain consists of several round and oval loops, which are joined together in pairs. Watch out now it gets a little more complicated! The process starts with two parallel eyelets that are connected with a vertical pair. The entire arrangement is fixed with another pair of vertical eyelets, which are folded over to the back. This causes the second pair of loops to pull apart and form an acute angle. Almost done - between the second and third pair of eyelets, a last pair, again vertical, is then hooked in. The fourth pair then simultaneously forms the last and the first of the chain links. Thanks to this ingenious processing, the chain remains flexible as all links can move freely. And the chain gets a compact look, which also provides for the certain weight. Since this process takes time and craftsmanship, high-quality material is also generally used for this purpose in order to give the chain an appropriate value.