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Yellow gold-plated diamond cut hinged hoop with creole fitting

An absolutely stunning pair of 20mm yellow gold plated diamond cut hinged hoop. 


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More About Yellow gold-plated diamond cut hinged hoop with creole fitting

What is Gold Plated on Sterling Silver?

Our gold plated jewellery is has a base of sterling silver which has been covered with a thin layer of gold. The item, for example, a necklace, is not made from gold but rather a different metal, in our case we use sterling silver and is then covered with traces of gold. The thin layer of gold gives the piece of jewelry a shiny, golden appearance.

During the gold plating process, an electric current is used to positively charge the plating solution and negatively charge the item’s base metal. The solution’s positively charged ions are then attracted to the metal’s negative charge, which results in a thin layer of gold forming on the item.

The thickness of the layer of gold varies from one piece to another, but at the Pearl and Bead Company we ensure that all our jewellery, which are gold plated use at least 0.5 microns of gold which means in a nutshell that are actually gold plated.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver, with an additional 7.5% alloy - usually copper and zinc. This gives the metal far greater strength than pure silver, making it more suitable for items such as fine jewellery.

All our items are gift boxed.