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We don't just make and source beautiful jewellery, we help you feel like you. Because luxury's a feeling we all deserve.

am justifiably proud of the sheer quality of our jewellery and the number of designs available, however, we are even more proud that the jewellery made by us  has been hand crafted with love and care by The Pearl and Bead Company, a UK based company, who is passionate about making jewellery and designing them with you in mind. We use the best quality gemstones and we are proud that we do not stock anything that contains any plastic.

From elegant, delicate chains that will complete your favourite look, to those special pearls that you will want to wear every day. You will find the finest necklaces, earrings, bracelets and beautiful pearl necklaces here at the Pearl and Bead Company. Whether you prefer bold, colourful statement jewellery, or subtle pieces, there's every style of jewellery right here so you're bound to find the perfect piece in these pages.

Imagine the unimageable when it comes to jewellery here at the Pearl and Bead Company.

Pearl and Bead Company

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

The Pearl and Bead Company has only been going since May 2015, a short time you could say but the feedback that we are getting has been inspiring.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a quality service. To be professional at all times and ensure that our customers come back again and again. We made a decision not to sell on Ebay and Amazon as we wanted to ensure that the only person that benefited in terms of the price, was you.

Well, you've done it again P&B...this time you've blown me away with a stunning set of perfect midnight blue pearls. They are simply beautiful and I really love the contemporary silver fastening. Fabulous work!
These pearls were given to me as a wedding gift and they are just beautiful. The quality not only of the pearls themselves but also of the lace and clasp is very high. This necklace is elegant in its simplicity and makes a gift that will be treasured for many years to come.
Absolutely beautiful! Excellent quality and detail. Highly recommended, couldn't be happier!
My husband purchased this necklace recently for my Birthday. I love it, the quality and weight of the pearls are really very good.
I recently purchased this set and loved the quality, the first time I wore it work my colleague was so impressed that they wanted to know where I purchased it from and could they have the details. I would definitely recommend them.