The Pearl and Bead

Small Cubic Zirconia and Freshwater Pearl Back to Front Stud

Made from Sterling Silver

A lovely pair of small cubic zirconia and freshwater pearl back to front stud. 

What are freshwater pearls? Freshwater pearls come from oysters that mature in non-saline water (from lakes or ponds, as opposed to saltwater from the sea). Freshwater pearls usually are not as round as saltwater pearls and therefore less expensive. However, the past two decades have seen a huge increase in their quality for a number of reasons, but mostly because in the mid-1990’s the pearl-farming industry changed the type of mussels they used and lowered the number of grafts inserted in the mussel, and thereby the number of pearls produced. Freshwater pearls today are a favorite of the Pearl and Bead Company.

This design is a classic. Delicate and understated, this is a stud with style. Made from Sterling Silver and with a sparkly crystal centre, these studs are the perfect everyday accessory. Equally at home alongside eveningwear or business attire, this simple design will help you sparkle and shine.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver, with an additional 7.5% alloy - usually copper and zinc. This gives the metal far greater strength than pure silver, making it more suitable for items such as fine jewellery.

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