Pearl Necklace with Silver Overtones



Freshwater cultured pearls are rarely perfect spheres as there is no mother-of-pearl bead guiding the shape. But they are available in very near round sizes that appear round to the human eye. 

This gorgeous 8.5-9 mm pale grey necklace is strung with premium quality Freshwater Pearls, all of which have been carefully hand-selected to meet the most rigorous matching standards in regards to pearl colour, surface, lustre, shape and size. Each pearl has a nearly unblemished surface, high lustre and as near as perfect round shape, and features a grey body colour with silver overtones.

This is the most popular classic pearl shape on the market and this cultured Freshwater Pearl necklace is stunning and is exceptional value for money.  It is suitable for both casual and formal wear, and lends a subtle statement of beauty and elegance to any attire. 

The pearls are grade to a premium pearl rating and measure approximately 47 cm, each pearl on this strand is individually hand strung using matching silk thread, knotted between the pearls to ensure that your pearls are not damaged by rubbing against each other, and affixed with a beautiful sterling silver clasp.

This necklace has been hand knotted in the UK by one of our dedicated designers.